Thank you for stopping by Noah's and Victoria's site.

29) Yenifer
[email protected]
Hello Noah and Victoria have a nice life and live peaceful with your husband! Withmuch love, yenifer
Thursday, November 18, 2004 at 21:10 Host:
27) Debbie, Gert & Alice Beukema
[email protected]
Wow, Chicken! Absolutely beautiful. We are so happy for you and Noah. The wedding pictures are so rich and colorful... the whole event looks like a candy-coated festival of love. May you have joy, peace, passion and all that you want in your continuing life together.
Love Always, -Dootsen and Co.

Sunday, October 10, 2004 at 11:04 Host:
26) Vinz
[email protected]
I, Helene and Aurian would like to send you all the best wishes to an amazing union!
Have a wonderful time in Bali!
You guys are great!

Sunday, September 26, 2004 at 16:27 Host:
25) (Uncle) Greg Forletta
Wishing both of you the best for years to come.
Friday, September 24, 2004 at 09:03 Host:
[email protected]
I just wanted to wish you a wonderful wedding day and even better honeymoon and all the happiness in the world.
Friday, September 24, 2004 at 06:49 IP:
23) Eddie and Angela Barton
[email protected]
Dear Noah and Victoria,

We are so very happy for the both of you. You look and sound like a match made in heaven. We will be thinking of you both on your very special day and regret that we are unable to attend the ceremony. We hope to visit with you both at some point in the not to distant future and look forward to meeting you Victoria.

Love and Best Wishes,

Eddie and Angela

Thursday, September 23, 2004 at 11:07 Host:
22) Michael Tracy
[email protected]
Although I don't really know Noah, I know he must be a wonderful person for Victoria to choose to marry! I love Victoria and wish you both the best! And Kattrina needs a little sister or brother! Meow! Scruff loves you too!
Wednesday, September 22, 2004 at 18:25 Host:
20) Marcela
[email protected]
my dearest fairies, it has been so long since i last saw and communicated with you. i get updates from our friends and you sound amazing together. today Sol gave me your site and i am so impressed!! i love your photos, everything about it is so magical, ALMOST LIKE YOU! i feel so close to you from these Caribbean waters. i am there tomorrow and 9/25 in spirit. i so wish to embrace you and wish you the best, but as you know my heart is with yours. unfold your magical myth together, peace, msfairym
Friday, September 17, 2004 at 19:51 Host:
18) Michelle Sparling
[email protected]
All the best to the both of you. I met you when you visited Michigan at Christmas time.
Monday, September 13, 2004 at 14:31 Host:
17) Jeff Sparling
[email protected]
Nice job on site! Victoria's mum rec'd it as a proud parent would! Good luck on your travels and life together!

Say Hi to V.'s dad on his return from accross the pond!


Sunday, September 12, 2004 at 11:41 Host:
13) Bonnie Ehlert
[email protected]

I met your brother, David, in Nebraska, of all places ... your love and good charma have spread to the midwest! You are a beautiful couple who seem to have a wonderful balance in this busy world. My nephew (who's brother's name is Noah!) is getting married the same day as you on a beach in San Diego. I will be thinking of you on Sept. 25 ... Hope to meet you both in person some day!!! I LOVE your website!!!!

Bonnie Ehlert

Friday, August 27, 2004 at 07:21 Host:
12) Bill & Gaby
[email protected]
we are delighted to be a part of the celebration of your union. may you walk together the path of harmony, love, joy and compassion!
your friends
Bill & Gaby

Friday, August 20, 2004 at 10:00 Host:
11) Linda McNamara Kuzatko
[email protected]
My dearest Victoria (Vicki) , ran into your mother today and she gave me your new website and your news of your impending marriage. I was so excited to hear this. I wish you guys nothing but great love and happiness year after year. And to Noah...your getting a great girl with a heart of gold...treat her good ok. Stay in touch and cant wait to see more pictures. Love to both of you and to David...great job on the website.
All my love,

Sunday, August 15, 2004 at 13:56 Host:
10) Camille
[email protected]
Congratulations Vicki and Noah!!!

Vicki - your Aunt Peggy told me you were getting married and I am so happy that you found your soulmate (and such a handsome one!).

May your life together be filled with wonderful moments of warmth, laughter, friends, family, and of couse love.

All the best wishes for both of you!
Take good care of each other today and always....

Friday, August 06, 2004 at 09:42 Host:
9) Kelly Scarpelli
[email protected]
I love the website. It looks as though things are going great and I am so happy for you! My best wishes to you both as you celebrate love and life together. I'm looking forward to seeing wedding photos!


Thursday, August 05, 2004 at 15:37 Host:
8) monica
N and V-
GREAT WEBSITE!!! I love having a look at the wedding before the big day! and Mark Deutch! What a treat! I'm looking forward to a wonderful celebration!

Wednesday, August 04, 2004 at 15:20 Host:
7) Sol
[email protected]
My dear friends ,
I am blessed to know u. Freinds r forever and so far its been an amazing journey.
Always cherish the moments. ...
Looking forward to helping u with your beautiful and magical celebration of love.
The website looks awsome !

Tuesday, August 03, 2004 at 22:52 Host:
6) Aunt Peggy
[email protected]
Hi Victoria and Noah,

Victoria, I have always admired your free-spirit and wonderful personality. You truly care about people and are willing to show (even strangers) that you care. It is always such a joy and pleasure to see you and be with you. I'm really looking forward to seeing you and meeting Noah. Can't wait for the BIG weekend wedding!

Love and kisses,


Sunday, August 01, 2004 at 12:29 Host:
5) Grandma
So sorry that I can't be at your weekend wedding. However, I will pray for good weather during that important weekend. Hope you have a wonderful time and much happiness throughout your life together. Miss you.

Love you always,


Sunday, August 01, 2004 at 12:19 Host:
3) Dad
[email protected]
I just don't have the words to tell you how happy I am. I love you both. Yes, I will cry at the wedding but they will be tears of joy.
Saturday, July 31, 2004 at 12:40 Host:
2) Mom
[email protected]
Can't wait!
Love you both

Saturday, July 31, 2004 at 11:59 Host:
1) Victoria and Noah
Hello Everyone.
We'd love to hear from you. Tell us what's on your mind.

Much Love and Big Peace

Victoria And Noah

Friday, July 30, 2004 at 15:26 Host: