Jason Wallach

Jason is Noah's Brother and Best Man. He is quite versed in the human rights movement. It's a pleasure that he recently moved to the West Coast bringing him closer to his brother in San Francisco. Noah had the opportunity to join Jason as he did work with the indigenous people of Mexico.

When you meet Victoria's brother you will know right away there is something very, very special about him. He is like a shinning star and is so full of joy that you wont know what hit you once you interact with him. David took advantage of an office job layoff to pursue his dreams of becoming a stage actor. From the get-go those dreams were realized right way. That was 2 years ago and since then he has been in 10 major stage performances, several smaller performances, has done industrial films, voiceovers and other commercial work. David is going to be our master of ceremonies and will assist in seating everyone at the ceremony.

Sol Barros

Sol is Victoria's Maid of Honor. Sol and Victoria have been friends since 1990. They were neighbors in Miami, FL and became soul sisters from the moment they met. Sol moved out to California less then a month after Victoria did back in 1994. Victoria can always count on Sol to lighten things up. And wait till you hear her laugh, her laugh is infectious and from the heart and belly.

The Goddesses

Lisa Owsianiak

Lisa was Victoria's room mate for a year, until Victoria and Noah moved in together. Lisa is on to adventures in Europe. She has been helping with various tasks and is one of the forces behind decorating and keeping things in order and running smoothly. She is an amazing woman with strength and softness in her heart that could melt steel.

Mary McCulloch

Mary and Victoria have the mid-west connection. Even though they met here they have a special understanding of the mid-western ways. She is the most amazing artist and creates healing Medicine Altars. She'll be building one for the celebration. Mary has recently graduated from JFK from their Transpersonal Psychology program. Anyone who becomes her client will be truly blessed having Mary as their guide.

Ayesha Hansen

Ayesha has just recently come into Victoria and Noah's life but her heart is so sweet and she is so honest and candid about her self that it feels like they have known her for a very long time. She is soft, gentle and compassionate and at times she reveals her amazing Warrior spirit. She is going to take all of that magic and inject it in the decorating as well.

Shannon Seideman

You can count on Shannon to make you laugh for sure. She is such a compassionate, joyful person and so dedicated to her friendships. Being around her feels like being in the presence of a very wise old Grandmother Soul. This woman is on the go all the time creating new adventures and like the pied piper she lures everyone along with her,(go if you dare)!! Shannon is going to be spinning magical tunes for us weaving a web of melodic goodness, as well as helping with the decorating.

Lisa, Mary, Ayesha, and Shannon

This group of lovely woman are a part Victoria's sisterhood. They are all helping in different ways to make the celebration festive and amazing.


Billy and Gaby Sankovich

Billy and Gaby have been a part of Noah and Victoria's life for a long time. They are amazing people and an amazing couple. They would do anything for anyone if you asked them and purred a little. They have 2 wonderful Kitties, Gus and Shadow and are the best Cat parents around. They are the thread that connected Noah and Victoria together. It was Gaby who introduced Noah to Victoria back on Aug 15, 2002. (Thank Goodness!!!!) Billy is going to be assisting with seating at the ceremony and Gaby is going to give her creative magic and help create amazing altars for the celebration.

If you have been wishing to meet somebody who knows music beyond notes and understands it on a vibration level then Mark is the person for you. He will transform you emotionally by his musical expressions. At the wedding he will be playing his special instrument called the Bazantar www.bazantar.com that he built. Mark is Noah's music mentor and guitar teacher.

Ross DuBois

Ross and Noah are collaborating on musical projects. Ross has been spinning and producing psychedelic trance for many years. He will be bringing his own floor-stomping arrangements to the celebration.

Paul Scott

A loveable, entertaining, life of the party kind of guy - Paul has been a major contributor to the San Francisco nightlife scene. His DJ style keeps people shakin'. When he's behind the decks you will feel like you are at a psychedelic hoe-down.

Tony Jelen

Don't let Tony's mellow, laid-back demeanor fool you. He plays some of the craziest, hard to find music. Noah and Victoria welcome him behind the decks. He will move us through the night with thumping tracks.

Andrei Fon

Andrei will be the videographer. He has got a way with the camera, a fantastic sense of humor and tons of integrity and sweetness. Smile when you see him walk by, but he'll be sure to catch you in your most candid moment!!

George Bertelstein

George is the officiant of this sacred ceremony. He has been an important spiritual Guide and Counselor in Victoria and Noah's live's for over a year now. He is a Compassionate and loving person and Counselor, whose wisdom spans across many belief systems from Buddhism to Native American traditions. He also has a great sense of humor and tells great stories.