• Mid June 2002
    Noah and Victoria meet in passing for the first time

  • Aug 15 2002
    Victoria And Noah are officially introduced by a mutual friends, Billy & Gaby.

  • Aug 20 2002
    Noah and Victoria go on their first date

  • April 24 2004
    Noah proposes

  • Sept 25 2004
    The wedding

Victoria has lived in San Francisco for the past 10 years. She was born in East Detroit, Michigan but considers San Francisco her home. Prior to living in San Francisco, she worked on a cruise ship as fitness director and lived in Miami, FL teaching aerobics full time. Now her passions are in the healing arts and Yoga. She is dedicated to building her yoga practice and is also a Reiki Master www.reiki.org.

Noah is originally from Rockville, Maryland, a suburb of Washington, DC. He has been living in the Bay area for close to 5 years after moving to follow career pursuits in the research and development of ground breaking network architecture and equipment. His dedication to his passion is arranging and playing electronic music - currently co-owning a record label called Vaporvent.

Noah and Victoria discovered their mutual passion for traveling and have taken several trips together. They will be off to Europe this summer to go to the Boom Festival, an outdoor electronic music dance experience. They will also be traveling to Peru in the mid-October for a Medicine Journey hosted by their spiritual counselor. Their reciprocal support for each other's passions and spiritual practices has enabled them to grow immensely.

Noah and Victoria actually met 2 months before they were formally introduced. Victoria stopped at a Thai restaurant on the way home from yoga, and Noah was grabbing a bite to eat after DJing at a gig the night before.

They saw each other at the same time when she entered Chili Cha-Cha's. She thought he was cute and he liked the pants she was wearing and felt drawn to introduce himself to her and get to know her better. They chatted while she waited for her food.

After a few minutes they both realized that they knew a few of the same people, including Gaby and Billy...small world.

Victoria got her food and they said their good-byes. They both wondered if their paths would cross again.

( Cut to the end of the summer, Aug 15 )

Thursday night Happy Hour. It was week 3 of the infamous Taco Portal Psy-Trance Happy Hour. All the usual Characters were out dancing and socializing. Including Noah and Victoria. Later in the evening, their mutual friend Gaby grabbed Victoria and said, "I'd like you to meet my friend Noah." Noah was completely enamored.

AH HA!!!

They both made the connection...cute guy from the resturant, woman with nice pants...they meet again...

There seemed to be a lot of chemistry going on between them so they talked and flirted the whole evening. Noah loved the pants she was wearing this time too, (do you see a pattern here???). At the end of the night he asked her for her number. She was more then happy to give it to him. They had their first date on Tuesday August 20 at Indian Oven and then watched the full moon on the roof at his loft...

The rest is history...